Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gail"I used to be very athletic until about 1 yr before I had my baby. Since then I haven't had the motivation to workout. Bootcamp has done that for me. It has given me the motivation I need to get up exercise. CrossFit Bootcamp has taught me that it only take a few intense minutes a day to get a good cardio and strenght workout. And that makes me feel great." -Gail-


Margie and Deborah

"BootCamp first and foremost provided a vehicle to make me accountable for maintaining my committment to an exercise plan. With small classes, and truly interested instructors, it's impossible to fall between the cracks, or to get lost in the sea of faces to the extent that your absence is not noted. Secondly, the formula of simple exercises in certain combinations with high intensity has produced such encouraging results for me, although I have only just begun on the road to better health through fitness. The CrossFit program works, period." -Deborah-