Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"I was introduced to Crossfit after my wife and son attended Lisa's bootcamp one year ago. They kept coming home and talking about these great workouts. I had worked out off and on for several years, but had never experienced anything like a crossfit workout. The workouts pack a maximum amount of intensity into a minimum amount of time, often 20 minutes or less. They challenge you to do more, to lift more, and to go faster. They improve your strength, flexibility, speed, and balance. A year ago I never would have imagined that I could continue to improve at my age and to be in the best shape of my life." Larry

Denise and Larry

"In August 2004 I went to my first Crossfit bootcamp, hoping to lose some weight and improve my workouts. When Lisa said do as many pushups as you can in one minute I laughed - I've never been able to do a real pushup. Then when she said do as many pullups as you can in one minute, I thought she's dreaming. I'll never be able to do even one. It's physically impossible!! By the end of six weeks I was doing real pushups and now a year later pullups have become reality." -Denise-

Kelby, Iva, Reed

"I had my 60th birthday during my first session of BootCamp with Lisa and I was a little unsure of what to expect being the oldest one in the group. Lisa is a terrific motivator and your strongest supporter when you feel you can't do anymore! Now, I've just finished my third session and thanks to Lisa and CrossFit bootCamp I feel better than I have in years. My energy has really increased - I can now keep up with my grandkids and play sports with them without tiring so easily! I've also enjoyed improved flexibility, better mobility, and I feel stronger! Overall I am just much healthier than I was - and the icing on the cake is that I also lost a few inches! Thanks Lisa!" -Iva-